Antigone (en la Frontera) is a one-woman Antigone set in a jail cell on the US/Mexican border. In this adaptation, we meet Claudia, who is being held in a US detention facility for illegally crossing into the United States. Audiences experience her gradual mental and emotional decline as she channels the story of Antigone. She performs each of the characters herself, only to be interrupted at several points by an ICE Agent. At the end of the show, Claudia/Antigone is hauled off to an unknown location.

This is an immersive piece that brings audiences into the detention facility from the moment they enter the theatre space. The show is performed in English and Spanish and features classic and original live Mexican and Native American music. This show has been collectively adapted and devised by Dominique Fishback (Dramaturg - Actor on HBO's The Deuce), Maria Diez (Actor), Abby Ybarra (Musician/Actor), and Ashley Marinaccio (Director).

Antigone (en la Frontera) is performed by Maria Diez and Abby Ybarra and received a 2019 First Stage residency from the Drama League where it was workshopped in the Drama League studio. This project also received a CUNY Graduate Center DSRG Research grant to conduct dramaturgical research at the US/Mexican border in 2019.



Antigone (en la Frontera) 

Written by Sophocles
Translated into English by Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald
Text Adapted and Edited by Dominique Fishback
Performed by Maria Diez with live music by Abby Ybarra
Directed by Ashley Marinaccio





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