L to R: Decadent Acts at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Live from Pod 305 at Estrogenius Festival, Rapture (film), Riding in Cars with Hezbollah at Culture Project, Live from Pod 305 at Estrogenius Festival and Rapture (film)


ARTICLES (Selected) 


Spring 2019, Visible Pedagogy 


"Musings on Illness, Theatre, and Community"

Spring 2019, Visible Pedagogy 


"Peer Gynt in Palestine"

Fall 2018, Arab Stages 


"The Impact of Youth Theatre in Palestine" 

September 2018, HowlRound 


"Theatre Everywhere: How A Small Lebanese Village Transformed for Blood Wedding"

Spring 2018, Arab Stages 


"The Siege Comes to New York"

December 2017, The Advocate 


"Responses to the Trump Regime"

March 2017, The Advocate 


"We're Not Done Yet: Creating Ensemble Theatre with Senior Citizens"

August 2017, HowlRound


"Casting Out Violence: NYC Queer Youth Respond to Violence"

August 2016, American Anthropology News



Waiting to be Seen: A Photographic Exploration of NYC Actors
“Waiting to Be Seen: A Photographic Exploration of NYC Actors”, In About Performance, 13, no. 3
(2015): 5-21.
Adobe Acrobat document [993.0 KB]

PLAYS (Full Length) 


There Are No Camels in Beirut (autobiographical drama, 3w/2m) 

What does it mean to be on the wrong side of a conflict? There Are No Camels in Beirut is the story about living in Beirut during the 2006 war.

Estrogenius Festival, Staged Reading (2014) 

Co-Op Theatre East, Staged Reading (2014) 


Decadent Acts (drama, 7w/3m)

Set in the late 1980s New York City, Decadent Acts chronicles the story of a lesbian couple struggling against legislated discrimination. When television personality Farah White falls fatally ill, her partner, professor Jolene Shatila, along with their daughter Nicole, are faced with unexpected challenges that will change their lives forever. From child custody laws to hospital visitation rights, Decadent Acts spotlights the harsh reality of discriminatory regulations against same-sex partners, plumbing emotional and political depths with grace and searing honesty.

Dixon Place, Workshop (2017) 

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Production (2010)                                               
Co-Op Theatre East, Production (2009)                                                               
Co-Op Theatre East, Staged Reading (2008)                                                           
Pace University Honors Thesis, Workshop (2007)                                                          
Pace University Student Directing Festival, New York City (2006)                                 


Documentary (drama, 12w/2m)

Documentary uses testimonial-style theatre to share the story of a 16-year-old suburban high school student trying to find her identity. When Ariel Valeria falls for a mysterious new student, Fatima Zee, the homophobic attitudes of the school take their toll on the young women. Documentary: A Suicide Narrative combines a contemporary love story with the personal narratives of young adults experiencing similar issues.

Brecht Forum, New York City, Staged Reading (2010)
Gene Frankel Theatre/Co-Op Theatre East, Production (2008)
Pace University Student Directing Festival,  New York City Production (2006)
Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre, Staged Reading (2006) 
TADA! Theatre, New York City, Staged Reading (2005) 


PLAYS (Short) 


WWAGD: What Would Amy Goodman Do? (10-minute one-act, dark comedy 2w/1m) 

A post-apocalyptic broadcast of Democracy Now featuring guest President Chris Christie (formerly NJ Governor) 

Co-Op Theatre East, Radio Play Festival (2014) - Listen Here


Riding in Cars with Hezbollah (10-minute one-act, drama 1m/1w)

Amidst the 2006 war, an American student and Lebanese cab driver attempt returning back to Beirut. 

Culture Project's IMPACT FESTIVAL, Performance (2012) 

Co-Op Theatre East, Staged Reading (2011)


The Walking Tour (10-minute one-act, dark comedy 3w)

This play is a walking tour set in post-apocalyptic Tompkins Square Park, New York City.

 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Fresh Perspectives Festival (2013)

Dee Tee Goes to Washington (10-minute one-act, dark comedy 3w)

In the year 2033 Dee Tee (Formerly Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) is a reality TV star. His publicists have discovered a problem and must act quickly to save him (and their own careers) from the public's outrage over a sex tape.

 Co-Op Theatre East, Radio Play Festival (2013) - Listen Here


The Best Little Whore In Texas (10-minute one-act, drama 2w)

A sixteen-year-old's third abortion prompts a doctor to question access to birth control, contraception and the newly adopted "Personhood Amendment". 

 Co-Op Theatre East, Staged Reading (2011)


Live from Pod 305 (10-minute one-act, drama, 2w)

At the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, two pod mates discuss the concepts of revisionism and escape through a nightly grassroots radio broadcast from Pod 305.

Manhattan Theatre Source Estrogenius Festival, Production (2011) 

Co-Op Theatre East, Staged Reading (2010) 


Standing In Front of 9/11 Waiting for the End of the World (10-minute one-act, comedy, 1m/1w)

Professional disaster tour guides Toby and Rachel are in need of some quick cash. While standing in front of the World Trade Center site, they attempt to create a business plan that will demolish the competition of the surrounding street vendors and 9/11 memorabilia peddlers.

Altruistic Theatre Company, Production (2011)

Co-Op Theatre East, Staged Reading (2010)


1-800-DIAL-A-DAD (10-minute one-act, 2w) 

Two women invent a special service for people with "daddy issues". 

Testogenius Festival - Manhattan Theatre Source, Production (2011) 




Fairy Tales (non-gender specific) 

Years later, a 9-11 survivor comes to terms with what they witnessed on that morning. 

Soulful Theatre - Louisiana (2019)



2011 Book of Estrogenius

Drama Book Shop, 2011

Published "Live from Pod 305"


2009 Book of Estrogenius

Drama Book Shop, 2010
Developed and Edited “GirlPower: Survival of the Fittest”


2008 Book of Estrogenius

Drama Book Shop, 2009
Developed and Edited “GirlPower: Voices of a Generation”


Frommer's MTV USA Road Trip Guide

Wiley Publishing, 2007
Wrote and Edited Chapter, “The Paranormal Northeast”
Winner - NATJA’s (North American Travel Journalist Association) “Best Overall Editorial Excellence 2007”


Planet Connections Theatre Festivity "Planet Activist Award" June 2010 (Decadent Acts)

TADA! Youth Theatre's "Young Writer of the Year Award" March 2005 (Documentary)


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