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"Reminiscent of Tony Kushner... definitely a writer to keep an eye on..."
- Show Business Weekly (Decadent Acts

"Director Ashley Marinaccio, who shepherds the actors into a fluid, unified whole, has created an intricate production that is like spun gold. It brilliantly expands point by point to empower us to realize how fascist body images have a devastating impact on our society (the oldest eating disordered are in their 70s, the youngest in their tweens). From pacing, to the selection of variety acts, Embodi(ED) is outstanding. The ensemble proves, with finesse and adroitness, their enthusiasm and investment in this work which has been a long time coming for us and which ends on an uplifting note..."
- Carole Di Tosti, Theater Pizzazz (EmbodiED)

"Trafficked is fearless, political theatre..."
- Ebony Magazine (Trafficked

"Gritty and honest, sure to encourage post-performance discussion among audience members of all ages and genders..." 
-  Time Out NY (9mm America) 



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