Artist Statement


I am a theatre director, performer, filmmaker, writer, educator, scholar, and documentarian creating work that sheds light on the socio-political issues that define our times. As a queer woman raised in a single parent working-class household, I am committed to telling working-class stories that investigate the intersections of class, race, and sexuality. 


I am particularly drawn to how the events of September 11th, 2001 shaped my generation. This has been a question that I have asked in much of my work, which has looked at the implications of the war on terror, patriotism, religion, security and surveillance, xenophobia, and the refugee crisis. My mission is to create theatre that transforms the way we see the world and create theatre that challenges the status quo.


In 2006 I was living in Beirut, Lebanon when the country went to war. Living in war has affected both my personal life and creative life immensely, prompting me to use theatre as a means to explore complex questions around violence, war, and peacebuilding. 


I am a co-founder and the artistic director Co-Op Theatre East and the founding Artistic Director of Girl Be Heard two New York City-based theatres actively exploring what it means to be socially conscious art makers. My work with both companies and as a freelance director, playwright, and performer has received critical acclaim for its innovative, entertaining and ambitious storytelling and generous exchange between performers and audiences. 


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